Love in Shadow of Saigon book cover
Love in Shadow of Saigon book cover

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Love In The Shadow Of Saigon

Love in the Shadow of Saigon is a poignant exploration of grief and loss in the aftermath of war. Based on the author’s experience, the young widow is consumed by heartache and plunged into deep despair after losing her husband in Vietnam. 

Through an arduous journey of self-discovery, she faces her anger, despair, and shame. As she delves deeper into her spiritual practice, she seeks guidance from Divine Spirit to heal what she couldn’t heal on her own. This act of surrender and trust in a higher power is a powerful turning point in her journey toward transformation. She becomes a teacher, author, and wellness coach, using her experiences to help others grappling with loss, trauma, and a desire to restore their lost optimism.

Love in the Shadow of Saigon is a compelling and inspiring narrative non-fiction story that will resonate with readers seeking a nuanced exploration of the human experience. It is a powerful tribute to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of spiritual exploration in times of profound pain and loss.

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