Welcome to my world of timeless wisdom, where I offer a unique blend of experience and insight as a seasoned teacher, author, and spiritual guide. From life in Maui, living among flowers and ocean breezes, to a more recent move to Lake Las Vegas, with its beautiful desert vistas and sunsets, the golden thread of Divine Spirit has guided my life. My journey has led me to spiritual masters, authentic friendships, encounters with death and healing, and more changes than most people could imagine for one lifetime.

As an author, my writing reflects the diversity and nuance of my life experiences. I have authored a memoir entitled “Love in the Shadow of Saigon,” chronicling my journey as a war widow. The non-fiction compilation, “Nourish,” explores the connection between health and spirituality and draws from the twenty years I wrote for Nevada Woman magazine.

My words are more than just stories on paper. They offer a guiding light, illuminating the path before you, and providing the guidance and insight needed to achieve spiritual growth and fulfillment. With every page you turn, my writing will inspire and motivate you to discover your inner wisdom, embrace the journey, and live your life with intention.

So come, and embark on this journey with me. My coaching is for those requiring potent insights and an action plan to achieve their goals. Together, let’s explore the depth of your being, unlocking your true potential and uncovering the timeless wisdom that resides within.

Ellen M. Laura

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Top of the Mountain Goal Setting

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At the age of nineteen, a goal-setting method was taught to me by one of my spiritual mentors. I attribute my greatest successes in health, and happiness to this method. I call it, “Top of the Mountain Goal Setting,” and … Read More

Remember The Feminine Force

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The deep mystical power of the feminine force exerts a magnetic pull on all women. Any woman who feels lonely or powerless must call upon her allies in the heavens for solace and seek the companionship of other women committed … Read More