Source Supreme is about Spiritual Awakening to the Source Supreme. What is essential is for you to evolve and upgrade three areas of your life: 1) Discernment, 2) Discipline, and 3) Divine Love for All Life. This is an invitation to your deeper awakening and a powerful connection to Source Supreme. Each individual is so unique and there are thousands of variations of consciousness. That is why you must not accept a homogenized version of spiritual practices. The journey begins with considering Seven Awakenings. Spiritual Awakening includes Seven Gems of Truth that are united to form a prism of luminous light to guide and protect you and open your consciousness to the Divine Sound Current. A golden thread so strong that it unites each in Divine Love holds these truths together. These Seven Gems of Truth have been written about as seven universal principles of consciousness of the Source Supreme. For those reading today, each chapter is presented so you will discover treasures that are of the Spirit and shine forth into this world and all worlds.Each Awakening can also be considered an initiation into a higher consciousness. The Self-Contemplations included in this book are essential to make this real to you and move beyond theory. In chapter one, Awakening One: The One Source, we offer a Spiritual Protection Technique. This will assure that you will receive the direct flow of the Source Supreme and be a distributing agent for the Light and Sound, without the need of intermediaries. We have found it is definitely possible to be free from negative influences and be a vehicle for Source Supreme. You are and have always been spiritually free. You are a King or Queen of nobility. Claim your God-given right of spiritual Self-mastership Here and Now. Awaken to the Majesty of Source Supreme.

The Spiritually Awakened Initiate is the companion book to Source Supreme. These teachings help you get off of the merry-go-round of extreme highs and lows with guidance from Advanced Initiates and True Spiritual Masters. Many have settled on being a good person as the goal of life. Since most people are already good, it may be difficult to remember that you don’t belong here and have lingered too long in the physical realm. This isn’t your true home. You may have a sense that you have let many opportunities for spiritual freedom pass by due to pride or stubborn clinging to old habits. Another opportunity is presented to you now with Divine Love

Love in the Shadow of Saigon is a poignant exploration of grief and loss in the aftermath of war. Based on the author’s experience, the young widow is consumed by heartache and plunged into deep despair after losing her husband in Vietnam.
Through an arduous journey of self-discovery, she faces her anger, despair, and shame. As she delves deeper into her spiritual practice, she seeks guidance from Divine Spirit to heal what she couldn’t heal on her own. This act of surrender and trust in a higher power is a powerful turning point in her journey toward transformation. She becomes a teacher, author, and wellness coach, using her experiences to help others grappling with loss, trauma, and a desire to restore their lost optimism.
Love in the Shadow of Saigon is a compelling and inspiring narrative non-fiction story that will resonate with readers seeking a nuanced exploration of the human experience. It is a powerful tribute to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of spiritual exploration in times of profound pain and loss.

NOURISH: A Guide to Health, Beauty, and Spiritual Vitality is a compilation of thought-provoking and insightful articles that delve deep into the timeless wisdom of love, sex, healing, death, and spiritual evolution. From the importance of self-love to the mysteries of the afterlife, this comprehensive guide inspires and motivates readers to become their best selves.

The articles cover topics such as the power of eros and sex, banishing memory demons, establishing boundaries, and embracing the mysteries of the afterlife. Expertly written, they provide exercises for readers to do alone or in a group process, and are ideal for coaches to use with their clients.

As an author deeply engaged in spiritual practices and unyielding love for learning, my writing reflects my commitment to this journey. My words will serve as a beacon of light, illuminating the path before you and providing the guidance and insight needed to achieve spiritual growth and fulfillment.

I invite you to join me on a journey of exploration and nourishment for your soul. Buy this book today and discover the wisdom of the ages.

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