Love Beyond Death’s Shore


A young soldier trapped in a mysterious world beyond Earth seeks redemption and liberation. Banned from Heaven, and bound to the woman he married, he navigates through her life, seeking to free her from the pain he caused before he can move on to the mystical realms. His mission is to guide her earthly life toward balance and healing. With magical powers, he works to steer her toward happiness and contentment but meets with frustration and failure. When her life spins out of control, he discovers her forbidden desire is to join him. His longing for the celestial world has somehow reached her mind, and she refuses to let go of him.

A battle emerges between opposing forces. An angel offers him salvation through sacrifice, discipline, and hard work, while a demon tempts him with promises of power and immortality. Caught in a web spun by forces of cunning and seduction, he loses his way. When the love from his wife touches his heart, he is transformed and learns that duty and love are intertwined, and that redemption can come in the most unexpected ways. A tale of love, surrender, and the power of grace to bring liberation.

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