My commitment is to guide you on a spiritual journey to replenish your optimism and vitality.  This is done via telephone consulting and/or live sessions, for those who are fully committed to optimal health and spiritual awakening. Sessions may include human design analysis, brain chemistry optimization programs, and healing sessions on the Amethyst BioMat.

Please listen to the audio recording, “The Healing Frequency” to discover if what I offer resonates with you. This recording features the healing voice of my dear friend, Mary Jean Valente, and is excerpted from my writing of  “The One Minute Healing Experience.”

Move Toward Optimal Well-Being:

  • Communicate so that you give and receive extraordinary respect
  • Connect with an incredible blend of high voltage, high energy, brain-power and extraordinary insights.
  • Eat, move and breath to create beauty and balance.
  • Access incredible power to interrupt your negative patterns and shift you into a creative, authentic life experience.
  • Avoid impotence, ulcers, heartache.
  • Increase emotional intelligence.
  • Replace cynicism and silent disappointment with optimism and renewed energy.
  • Learn to respond quickly and fully to opportunities and problems.
  • Discover drug free ways to balance your brain chemistry.
  • Build significant reserves in all areas of life: time, money, physical vitality and enthusiasm.

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