Human Design Pro
Human Design Professional

To best understand your Design, and what it means to live it, you will greatly benefit from a Human Design chart analysis from a trained Human Design Professional. In addition, as a Human Design Professionals  I offer classes and workshops. As a Human Design Professional operating independently,  contact  me to inquire about services, check references, pricing and availability. Individuals are urged to take reasonable steps to verify my qualifications  as a Human Design Professional. This database is for information purposes only. Note: There are imitators and unlicensed, unauthorized users of this material. Please contact only legally licensed organizations and IHDS Certified professionals to ensure that you have the best experience of The Human Design System.


Analysis : $200 is conducted either in person or over the telephone. A CD of the analysis or download is supplied in either case. Please note that you must be in possession of your Human Design chart for telephone consultations.

Payment: Cash, check, or PayPal

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