Tagline: Love & Danger Collide, From The Lights of Las Vegas to the Romanian Underworld

The Mysterious Dr. R

Wealthy geophysicist, Dr. Raffi Reynaud, proposes to Las Vegas showgirl, Lilli Ericsson, promising her a fairy tale future. When an urgent mining emergency in Romania beckons, he vanishes. Mysterious messages hint he is either dead or held hostage by criminals. Despite warnings from her friends, Lilli is driven to venture to Romania to uncover the truth. 

As Lilli embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, she is faced with a dangerous mystery that threatens to tear them apart. From the bustling streets of Bucharest to the mysterious Transylvanian countryside, she will stop at nothing to find him. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that the man she loves might not be who she thought he was. Love, mystery, and danger collide in this tale of forbidden love.