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Amethyst Bio Mat

Experience Crystal Far Infrared Technology with the Bio Mat for deep restorative sleep, pain relief, detoxification and an advanced beauty treatment. Use daily at home or in your professional practice.

Services and Guidance

Consulting and Guidance on optimal health, financial well-being, beauty and deepened spiritual practices.

Step Into Heaven

This book is about Spiritual Awakening to the Source Supreme. What is essential is for you to evolve and upgrade three areas of your life: 1) Discernment, 2) Discipline, and 3) Divine Love for All Life.

Spirituality is Caught Not Taught

“It is not the behavior of the saint or holy woman that is important to duplicate, rather, the consciousness. more

From The Blog

With over 30 years succesfull practice in wellness, beauty and deep spiritual practices Ellen Laura is the woman to listen to.
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