Challenging the Underbelly of Thrive

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Why have John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Amy Goodman and others publicly disassociated themselves from the film, THRIVE?  In the words of Ben Boyce, excerpted from “Challenging the Hidden Ideological Underbelly of Thrive: The Thrive message must be forcefully and publicly repudiated because it could otherwise perform essentially the same function that the ‘New Age’ movement did in  the 1970’s, which was to dissipate the revolutionary energies coming from the Awakening of the 1960’s and remove an entire generation from the field of political struggle. Directing them to place their energies in personal fulfillment and private concerns, the progressive movement for the social and ecological justice was abandoned.”

In the early 1970’s I was convinced that our generation would change the world for the better. It’s 2012 and wars still rage for profit, not freedom. Politicians are still corrupt, unchecked greed and exploitation consume valuable resources and many people are disheartened and uncertain who they can trust and what to do. My memories of those years in the 1970s are clear and what’s important now is that the political climate of the USA and the world is again positioned for important change. As these changes are stirring, it is essential to delve deeply into any media exploitation that could derail the efforts of the coming changes. That’s why I encourage you to read and digest the entire eleven page document by John Robbins, Humanity and Sanity, and look into the materials posted by Praxis Peace Institute.

In order for that change to be positive and sustained, it requires that young people become engaged and educated and move in directions that are grounded in non-violent strategic action. One excellent source is from Gene Sharp, of the Albert Einstein Institution and his 198 methods for non-violent action. It is wonderful to see that the youth of today have another opportunity to rise up and begin to make significant social and political changes.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” Mahatma Gandhi.

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  1. Ellen M. Laura

    Lawrence, I agree that the prices that many organizations charge are (and have been) outrageous. That’s one big reason that I avoid the events put on by the constantly rotating circuit of ‘New Age Gurus.’ I’d also love your feedback after you read the entire article by John Robbins.

  2. Lawrence Taylor

    I agree with the premise that when faced with the opportunity for personal enrichment, individuals are hard pressed to continue to fight for social and ecological justice. There is a fine line between necessity, seeking prosperity and greed. Even in this environment of supposed social and eco friendly business, I am appalled by the masked greed in “shifting the world”. If there is a shift in the world, it will have to come from those who are not only socially and eco deprived but by those who are disenfranchised and do not participate in even these socio-eco friendly touted organizations, that only the privileged can participate. I am shocked at the fees being charged by some businesses and social change organizations to be involved in the shifting world, as if only the privileged can or should have a voice. I challenge all such organizations to consider how they might be able to support/include the 90% of the world that cannot afford the programs being offered to help the world shift.

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