Top of the Mountain Manifesting

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Manifesting – What’s it really all about? 

If you’ve moved into a space of relaxation about manifesting, then read on,this is for you.  Why?  Because the power of the Soul is your best ally in bringing your dreams into physical reality. Soul is radiating love and positive energy  to guide you to realization. Those positive emanations send signals to the brain and body that help stabilize us as we begin to take action in working toward our goals. Often we push so hard on a goal, and it is like trying to force a chain up a mountain. The result – it just falls to the ground with a disappointing thud.

Practicing meditation, prayer and other methods to amplify the spiritual emanations helps increase our ability to achieve goals. This amplification increases as we grow in wisdom, discernment and loving-kindness. As a spiritual being, your true nature – which some call ‘Soul’- is luminous, pure and communicates with you and transmits ideas, inspirations, thoughts and feelings so you can bring them forth into the physical world.

What this has to do with manifesting our wishes was made crystal clear to me by a diagram from a spiritual mentor, Tom Flamma, when he sketched out a drawing in about 2 minutes.You see the Soul at the top of the mountain – that is where spiritual power  assists us. When Soul guides our goals into realization, it seems magical. There is a rhythm and flow to this process that is unique to each of us.

“Top of the Mountain Manifesting” has four essential steps:

1. Become AWARE of your true spiritual nature and engage in practices to amplify and clarify the communication from your true self. It’s like dialing into a radio station and getting close enough to the transmitting station to hear the signal correctly.

2. FOCUS on setting a goal and see if you can state it in language that makes you feel alive, buoyant and spacious – and test it for three days to see if this is just a passing whim or an authentic, empowered goal.

3. EVALUATE the feeling of naturalness related to accomplishing the goal.

4. CORRECT COURSE and practice setting goals till this becomes a happy, healthy habit.

“Having a clear, discerning intellect and a desire to be heroic is essential in this goal setting process,” Tom advised me. Being heroic is expressed in hundreds of large and small ways and the qualities of the true self – wisdom, compassion, courage, conviction – shine through our acts of heroism.

The ‘Soul’ is at the top of the mountain is communicating with the physical self, via thought and these thoughts can be felt within the body. That’s where feeling comes into play in a really big way. Our feelings have the potential to guide us away from setting goals that could be unsuited for us, or harmful to humanity – and guide us toward setting goals that will uplift us. When we feel light, spacious and open, this may be an indication that the goal we are thinking about is a good one to pursue. Our feelings can guide us, but remember the more detours we have taken to an out of balance lifestyle; the more we need to be aware that our emotions can drive us to ‘unhealthy choices.’

As you look at the diagram, you see the true self – connected with the Source and the spiritual realms at the top of the mountain. However, the true self may be slumbering (similar to being drunk or drugged) and not aware of their connection to the Source. This slumbering state is all too real for many people. That’s why engaging in prayer, meditation and deeper spiritual practices is important – to awaken the slumbering soul. The complexity here involves religious customs and mandates and the ‘wars’ about what it takes to awaken the soul. It’s possible to spend years debating who is awake and divinely inspired, and who is delusional and leading people to hell.

Although I’ve explored that topic in depth for 30 years, and we cannot cover it effectively now, I owe it to you to share my guideline on this, which is: “By their fruits, you shall know them.” That means that based upon what a person (or group) is bringing into the world, the hand and guidance of the Creator is evident (or absent). There are dozens of individuals who have made millions of dollars pedaling a message of ‘How to be in touch with the Divine’ while using their charm to seduce and exploit, so be discerning.

The next challenge is to evaluate your mental and emotional state as you approach your goal. Some of us are naturally inclined toward healthy self-examination. Others need to learn this skill so that their introspection does not become toxic and overly critical. Having, ‘beginner’s mind ‘s the ideal state, where you are open, optimistic and confident that your guidance system is going to be tested and put to use.

How Long Will it Take? 
The big question everyone asks is: How long will it take for my goal to come true? The time it takes for the goal to manifest is directly proportional to the feeling of naturalness. This is a metaphysical principle, and best used by those who have studied the basics of vibration and metaphysics. Essentially, the more frustrated and upset we are about what we want; the more we can cause delays in bringing about lasting positive results. Oh sure, we can manipulate and push things through to completion, especially if there is enough money and a big enough crowd helping us, but the habits of control, domination and manipulation do not lead to health or happiness.

Where do we find the feeling of naturalness? Think about where your car is parked now. Maybe it is in your garage or somewhere close by? Now think about how natural it feels as you walk to your car that it will be where you parked it. Unless you live in a terribly dangerous neighborhood, your feeling about the car being there for you is so relaxed, you don’t give it any conscious attention. That’s an extreme example of the feeling of naturalness – complete acceptance and not an ounce of worry or concern.

For years I’ve worked with people to provide guidance and coaching on goal setting, and if you want to add more power to your process, feel free to contact me about working together.  Email to:  [email protected]

Mahalo and Blessings

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