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The Shaman’s Bulldog

Twenty years ago, Renaldo Fischer swept into my life with a passion and flair that captured my heart. He was born on March 19, 1937, and passed into Celestial Light on July 18, 2003. I recall his significant impact on my life each year as those dates approach, and I cherish the short time we shared. He lived his final days with me in Sedona, Arizona.

At our first meeting, Renaldo handed me a copy of his book, “The Shaman’s Bulldog,” as a testament to his credibility.  Little did I know that this book would not only captivate me, but that Renaldo himself would leave a profound impact on my life. First, I fell in love with his work, and then with the man behind it. He had recently retired from his medical practice as a radiologist and was ready to devote his life to writing and romance. He proposed to me on our third date, but I asked him to wait a year. 

When he passed away, I was left devastated, not only because of the loss of such a remarkable individual but also because he seemed like my perfect partner. We shared a passion for the poetry of Rilke and Rumi, and Renaldo had a profound understanding of grief and sadness that allowed me to be open and vulnerable.  

He arrived in my life later in our years, and I affectionately referred to him as ‘my winter’s love.’ Having lost my first love at the tender age of nineteen, I never expected ‘the angel of death’ to come knocking on my door again. Since I had recently published my memoir, “Love in The Shadow of Saigon,” I knew this was the time to honor Renaldo and those who had graced my life and ascended to the next realm.

Some of his closest friends provided much-needed comfort after his passing, and have remained close to me throughout the years. One woman, Dr. Rosemary Partridge, continues to be a source of love and inspiration. The memories of the time we shared are among the most precious and cherished in my heart, and Renaldo will forever hold a special place in my life.

For years, I had planned to publish the letters and poetry Renaldo had written to me, but instead, I decided to re-publish his book, “The Shaman’s Bulldog,” In this magical love story, Renaldo shares his journey of healing and transformation through his relationship with his beloved English bulldog, Faccia Bello. 

Renaldo offers an adoring, amusing, and moving celebration of his pet’s short but significant life. The bulldog’s admirable instincts and innate wisdom linked Renaldo to the world’s magic and wonder—and his soul’s rich spiritual potential.  

“The Shaman’s Bulldog” is a faithful reproduction of the original edition published in 1997, with no changes or updates made to the text. Engaging with this magical story leisurely will fill your heart and soul with quiet joy.

In a time when many of us feel disconnected from the natural world, “The Shaman’s Bulldog” reminds us of the profound bond between humans and animals, and the wisdom that can be gained from connecting with our furry companions.  

When beloved animals cross The Rainbow Bridge, they forever live in our hearts, and we dream of meeting them again. May this story of Faccia Bello remind you of every precious animal who has brought love into your life.

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