Remember The Feminine Force

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The deep mystical power of the feminine force exerts a magnetic pull on all women. Any woman who feels lonely or powerless must call upon her allies in the heavens for solace and seek the companionship of other women committed to growth and evolution. The wisdom of the ancients suggested that finding one’s “real work” and being guided by angelic beings was the destiny of all women.

Remember The Feminine Force

Our “real work”—healer, teacher, author, artist, or entrepreneur—has often been obscured by a long history of oppression and missed opportunities. This situation can arise due to social conditioning, the pressure to be accepted by our family, or aiming for a goal that doesn’t align with our genuine calling. Whether married, single, divorced, or widowed, a woman can re-awaken her true self.

To shift the pattern of missed opportunities and recover your feminine power, beauty, and goodness, get acquainted with the personal atmosphere surrounding your heart.

Take a soft look to note your atmosphere’s sensations, feelings, vibrancy, and glow. To perform this correctly, soften your gaze, quiet your breathing, relax the jaw and mouth, and abandon your critical attention. Do this several times throughout your day. You could also consider this an “aura scan.”

The first thing many women notice during this reflection is that they may have taken a terrible turn toward isolation to protect the heart. Each step toward isolation could lead to loneliness and weaken the heart, making it more challenging to find the correct path. This does not mean that we should avoid privacy or time to retreat. It means that after we retreat, a gathering of power must be put forth to benefit life.

The woman who decides to change the draining patterns in her life is on the way to discovering the path with the strongest heart. Patterns that once consumed her body’s physical energy and accentuated aging are naturally held up to the light for examination, with no fear.

One of the most damaging patterns to a woman’s evolution is when she is continually told that she is responsible for everyone and everything around her, instead of telling her she is responsible for directing her destiny as she matures. This is the first pattern that must be worked on if a woman is to succeed in discovering the correct path—the path that develops the strongest heart.

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From life in Maui, living among flowers and ocean breezes, to a more recent move to Lake Las Vegas, with its beautiful desert vistas and sunsets, the golden thread of Divine Spirit has guided my life. My journey has led me to spiritual masters, authentic friendships, encounters with death and healing, and more changes than most people could imagine for one lifetime. Listen to the wisdom of Rainer Maria Rilke, in “Letters to a Young Poet”: “Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words.” Remember, a wellness coach can only take you as deep as their own journey has taken them. Transitioning through grief, loss, and change requires guidance from a mature and experienced Soul. Achieving optimal health is a worthy goal, no matter your age or current life situation. As you browse through our site, I invite your comments and welcome new friends and clients into my world. Ellen M. Laura

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