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Lyme Disease & The Amethyst BioMat
By Dr. Celeste McLean

“I have a patient who was suffering with Lyme disease. Since she purchased the Ametyst Bio Mat, her symptoms have all but disappeared. When you spend time on the Bio Mat, especially in the higher temperatures, the spirochetes that cause the Lyme symptoms cannot live and reproduce effectively. What a perfect way to rid your body of unwanted guests!

If you experience flu-like symptoms, headaches, joint pain and fatigue that recur mysteriously, these may be indicators of Lyme disease. Only fully recognized in the 1970s, the syndrome known as Lyme disease could be far more widespread than official numbers indicate. Because infection often goes unnoticed and symptoms can be different in each case, many cases go undiagnosed. Further confusing the issue, there is little consensus about how to accurately diagnose the disease. In fact, there may be as many as 10 undiagnosed cases for every diagnosis of this disease.

Months or even years after infection, Lyme disease can continue to have an effect on the nervous system, triggering symptoms such as neck stiffness and soreness, headaches, and numbness, pain or weakness in the limbs. More subtle symptoms can include memory loss, poor concentration, depression and fatigue. Lyme disease is easy to confuse with rheumatoid arthritis, because it has the same painful, inflammatory effect on the joints, especially the knee joints.

If left untreated, Lyme disease can cause permanent damage to the heart, nervous system and joints, so it’s important to seek diagnosis and antibiotic treatment quickly. If you have Lyme disease and experience recurring symptoms, the BioMat can offer soothing relief. During a flare-up, the BioMat’s far infrared light (FIR) therapy delivers heat and healing energy to sore joints, and can help manage headaches and pain or numbness caused by nerve damage. The BioMat’s concurrent negative ion therapy also helps to cleanse the body of pollutants and irritants that can intensify symptoms and re-invigorate people who are struggling with low mood and energy levels.

How many people do you think need to hear about this? If anything can help these people who suffer with this disease it should be shared.”

The testimonial above was provided by Dr. Celeste McLean, a chiropractic living and practicing in Virginia Beach. I’ve been privileged to meet Celeste and her, mother, Dr. Pat McLean. This family embodies the principles of optimal health and I’m thrilled to say that Dr. Pat will be moving to Maui in May, just about one month from now. You can meet her at the Body in Balance studio in Lahaina, where she will be practicing.

If you’d like to experience the Amethyst Bio-Mat, contact me or the distributor you are working with for more information.

We welcome your (brief) comments about your experiences with the Amethyst Bio Mat.

Ellen Laura

Dr. C. and Dr. Pat offering BioMat demos
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