The Spiritually Awakened Initiate

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The Spiritually Awakened Initiate

  • A Spiritual Experience: “In the Spiritual Teachings it was emphasized that learning about past lives could be a distraction for an Initiate. The goal is to stay focused on the present life and commit to the spiritual practices leading to Self and God Realization. If a past life were significant it would be revealed to the Initiate through the spiritual contemplations. There was a lot of silliness around past lives with people boasting about having been someone famous and discernment is so important.”

“During several contemplations I was given awareness of a past life and knew it was significant. It also helped me understand my affinity to certain things in this Physical world. I recall watching the Superman movie and when I saw Superman arrive at his home, made entirely of crystals, I had an immediate recognition of the place and also that learning occurred through crystals.”

Excerpt from Chapter Nine: “The Fortunate Soul”

“In the vision of this past life, which took place on another planet, I lived and worked at a Crystal Palace. My work was in total silence. I was in charge of encoding crystals of consciousness with higher learning and wisdom. These Crystals were then transported to the Temples where Souls learned about The Light and Sound and The Higher Realms.”

“In the vision/memory, I also saw that our home was invaded and attacked. I was able to save some of the crystals by holding them in my Light Body. The scene then flashed to my rescue by a spacecraft and I recognized the pilot was my current teacher, Sri DapRen. Another man was with him and they flew me safely to another planet, and I have recognized this other man also in this lifetime because of his vibrations and he has again helped me through some difficult times.”

“I recall that when I arrived I could not relate to the other Beings on this new planet, although everyone was beautiful and of high consciousness, it was a different frequency than what I knew of ‘my home.’ I recall that the Beings were friendly and they would sing and play music to me to help me adjust to the new planet.“

“One of the Beings from this new planet was a man I came to love and spend many years with in this present lifetime. He also recalled some of the experiences, and knew of the Masters. Interesting that when I met this man I was about thirty years old in 1981 and had been making an intention that I wanted to find a man who loved God as much as I did. When I met him, I knew he would be a good companion for a significant part of my journey in this lifetime with his efforts to make me comfortable in a world that has never felt familiar to me. He built me a home on a lake that had memories of the beautiful places we had lived in other times.”

“In 1995, when I was living in Las Vegas in that lovely home, I met a beautiful younger woman and she worked in a crystal store. She was drawn to me and I felt a strong connection to her. She told me she was looking for a teacher. I felt guarded at this and knew I could not take on any students in my present life and would guide her to Sri Darwin and the other Initiates I knew. She helped awaken more memories and I knew she had lived and worked alongside of me in our Crystal Palace home.”

“This experience was significant because it helped me understand my deep need for silence and that many of my abilities are practiced totally in silence in the sanctuary of Crystal Palaces and that some of the dearest friends I’ve made in this life have been with me offering protection and much needed friendship along my spiritual journey.”

“In this current lifetime, I am again working with high frequency healing crystals, as I was guided to a medical product, the Amethyst BioMat.”

Remembering this past life has been significant because I gained greater insight into how to express my healing and teaching abilities in this lifetime.

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