The Healing Frequency – Free Workshop with Dr. Russ Newman

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Increasing Life with Dr. Russ Newman

Free Workshops – Demonstrations and personal assistance from Dr. Russ

Sunday, March 18 – 12 noon to 2 pm, Body in Balance, Lahaina, Maui

Monday, March 19 – 7  to 9 pm, private home, Kihei, Maui

The name of the disease means absolutely nothing!  Reverse chronic conditions with proven natural healing methods.


In this workshop Dr. Russ will teach you how to REMOVE PAIN from the body without drugs.  You will learn how to put your own hips back into alignment, straighten your spine, thus putting the body back into biological balance.

Learn to reverse the symptoms of CANDIDA and PREVENT it from returning. Our world has become increasingly toxic, and in Maui, the rise of MRSA infections is one of the highest in the country.  Learn how to protect your body from MRSA and other toxic conditions.

Experience The Amethyst Bio-Mat

The Amethyst Bio-Mat is all about detoxification, restoration, vitalization and restoring the human body with the energy it must have to bring it back to BIOLOGICAL BALANCE and OPTIMAL HEALTH. The Bio-Mat offers an unparalled ability to boost production of hormones, strengthens the immune and endocrine systems, and offers a powerful deliverly of far infrared light rays.

Dr. Russ will share the results he’s experienced and demonstrate how both proessionals and lay-people can achieve relief from pain and joint stiffness, burn calories and detoxify the skin for a youthful look of beauty and radiance. Each person will have the opportunity to experience the Bio-Mat

Dr. Russ Newman

Dr. Russ is teaching in Maui for just two days, so be sure to join us for this life changing health experience.  He is a Holistic Doctor of Preventative Medicine, a Certified Lymphologist trained by Dr. Samuel West, and InnerPathic.  His testimonials from thousands of people, from his office in Mesa, Arizona, and his extensive travels all confirm:  “RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING.”  Dr. Russ has been invited to Maui by Ellen Laura, a wellness professional, author, and teacher of spiritual practices and natural beauty treatments.  Ellen teaches a weekly class at Body in Balance, ‘Meditation in Motion’ and she has worked with the Bio Mat for five years.

To sign up for the workshop on March 18th:  Call Body in Balance,  808.661.1116.

Location: 142 Kupuohi Street, Suite F2,Emerald Plaza. Lahaina, HI

To sign up for the workshop on March 19th:  email us below using the secure contact form

Space is limited so please call or email in advance.


Google Map Sunday, March 18 – 12 noon to 2 pm, Body in Balance, Lahaina, Maui


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Google Map Monday, March 19 – 7  to 9 pm, Teri Mister’s home, Kihei, Maui


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For more information go to: or

Or call Ellen Laura @ 808.669.4818 to schedule time with Dr. Russ.

Dr. Russ Newman

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