The Power of Introverts

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The first time I took the Myers Briggs test, I was applying for a sales position with Dale Carnegie in the mid 1980’s. As I read through the questions, I knew that saying I’d prefer to be home reading a book, or comunicating with animals, instead of at a social mixer with people, would not get me the job. Yes, I lied, and provided the answers that I knew to be true of extroverted people. I got the job, rose up in the sales ranks, and accomplished that by partnering with the other (very smart and creative) ‘introvert’ I recognized in the company. All of this came to my awareness this week when I saw the TED 2012 video by Susan Cain, “The Power of Introverts.”

The Power of Introverts

Susan’s video also reminded me of a powerful mentor in my life: Ra Uru Hu. In the late 1990s I discovered the Human Design System and met Ra. The deeper I delved into Human Design, the more I understood about my personality and how labels such as reclusive and aloof are a result of a culture with a strong bias toward extroversion. The comedy is that after I took the training to become a Human Design Analyst and Teacher, did readings for seven years, I shifted into a cycle of working with the knowledge on my own, and I’m still in that cycle now. Listening to Susan Cain affirmed that for many of us, creative work requires time alone.

I also recalled my years of work with Dr. Joel C. Robertson, author of “Natural Prozac” and how his corporate brain chemistry profiling went beyond Myers Briggs, and showed how people work best and what to do to optimize their health, whatever their personality profile. Joel has worked with professional athletes, corporate CEOs and the results are impressive.

Most importantly, I recalled how my true nature was recognized and respected by my spiritual teacher, Darwin Gross. He taught me that one of the foundational principles of spiritual awakening is to create and refine our spaciousness and not identify with any labels or circumstances that shift and change. I learned how to see when a person is holding onto an identity and beliefs that are limiting. He taught me how to look at qualities of introversion and extroversion and how they can be elevated to spiritually enhance our self confidence and our connection with all other people.

If this has meaning for you, please share your (brief) comments.  My wish for you is that you are aligned with spiritual teachers who continue to advance your awakening and honor your true nature.

Mahalo and Blessings,

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    Made me cry. Thank you Ellen for sharing this. I’m so very proud of my introversion and I’ll give myself more kudos for the work I do in my unnatural areas.

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