Golden Threads of Love

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Golden Threads of Love

By Ellen M. Laura

Some people wake up and look at a sunrise or into the eyes of their loved ones and smile because they know the presence of Love. Others wake up frightened, lonely and heartbroken, or just numb. Most humans live somewhere in-between. What about you? Have you experienced nurturing, kind words, a song and laughter today?  My wishing prayer is that today and each day you open the channel of love between yourself and the heavenly worlds to receive loving kindness.

Love is a living substance and can be pure and strong or diluted with many other feelings and intentions. Those who care can open their hearts and receive this flow of Divine Love directly from its Source. To thrive and prosper, it is necessary to have love and good thoughts from each person who is close to us. It is through this daily flow of Love that our inner powers expand and a channel of Love opens among the world, Spirit and us. It is dangerous and draining to surround ourselves with people who harbor feelings of resentment and ill will toward us. If you live or work with people who resent, fear or envy you, don’t be surprised if it takes longer for you to reach your goals or to recover from illness or injury. Every endeavor and project takes twice as long as it should because of the energy drain of resentment! Love – including self-love – is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

Those who apologize first are the bravest among us, those who forgive first are the strongest among us, and those who forget old injustices and align with those with open hearts are the happiest. Many people talk about Love, but too often it is a lifeless, dead image they speak of. Talking about water does not quench your thirst, and talking about love does not attract miracles. Once your Inner Light is activated, you can realize Love.

There were times in my life when it seemed easier to love an animal more than any person. So, I reached out and gave my love to the animals who came to live with me. There were cats, dogs, swans, ducks, geese, and each supported my growth and evolution. I discovered that even the animals could show me where I needed to grow and evolve.  Today I live so close to the ocean that from my condo lanai in Maui, I can see the whales, dolphins and giant seas turtles, all expressing love through their uniqueness.

Animal Friends

Come with those of us devoted to Divine Love and catch a ride on the Love Shuttle as it continues to move between Heaven and Earth. You already possess the ticket – just go to the temple within to claim it!

When people experience Love, a golden thread made of cords of Light, connects them heart to heart. This can be between lovers, friends or between parents and children, or business partners. Few people know about this because the threads are invisible, so they fail to cherish and take care of what is unseen. When there is tension in a relationship, the threads are burdened with negativity.  When the threads are clean, they sparkle and feelings of joy, tenderness, happiness, ecstasy, kindness and bliss flow from one person to another. 

Clean the threads of love between you and all those close to you each night before entering the dream world. When practiced with sincerity and power, this opens the gateway into the Golden Wisdoms Temples for sacred inner teachings.


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From life in Maui, living among flowers and ocean breezes, to a more recent move to Lake Las Vegas, with its beautiful desert vistas and sunsets, the golden thread of Divine Spirit has guided my life. My journey has led me to spiritual masters, authentic friendships, encounters with death and healing, and more changes than most people could imagine for one lifetime. Listen to the wisdom of Rainer Maria Rilke, in “Letters to a Young Poet”: “Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words.” Remember, a wellness coach can only take you as deep as their own journey has taken them. Transitioning through grief, loss, and change requires guidance from a mature and experienced Soul. Achieving optimal health is a worthy goal, no matter your age or current life situation. As you browse through our site, I invite your comments and welcome new friends and clients into my world. Ellen M. Laura

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  1. Carrie Hogan

    Well Said!

  2. Kim Cahill

    Saundra Corinth shared your blog post with me and I was very touched by your words. Below is something I wrote after losing my bloodhound, Elvis a few months ago. I thought I would share it with you.

    September 13, 2011

    Dear Elvis,

    Do you remember Elvis that over a year ago as I curled up with you in a motel room in Eagle, Colorado, I made only one promise to you. As tears rolled down my eyes and I hugged you so tightly, I said, I will never let you suffer any unspeakable horror for my own selfish reasons. Yesterday, I carried through on that promise. I let you go; it was time. I will forever miss you, but in so many ways our journey still continues.

    For over a year, you and I were on the Titantic, living life desperately to see all the beauty and love that existed all around us. We did not see a sinking ship. What we saw was beauty; we were captivated by the beautiful crystal chandeliers, the well polished wooden stairway, the exquisite food, and the compassion of others as we walked the deck and depths of that ship. So many times the ship rolled and tossed in its own course to plunge to the depths of the sea, but we were able to right it so many times and keep it floating towards a mission which you already knew, but I still had to learn. In this journey you taught me so many things and gave me a wisdom and sense of peace that I never knew existed.

    I learned that you had a mission to fill with God and an unstoppable message and energy to give to all and give to the universe. You taught others to open their hearts to compassion and to love. You taught me to serve that compassion and love, to leave behind the anger and hatred I had for the disease that ultimately destroyed your body, but left your spirit untouched. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that at the heart of all happiness is suffering and at the heart of all suffering is happiness. One cannot be known without the other. So Elvis, we did know happiness because we suffered. And happiness is a smile, a warm and loving embrace. It is playing with a favorite toy, swimming, taking a hike. It is tracking to find our lost people. It is a car ride to our favorite park or to get root beer floats from Sonic. It is running along the beach and swimming in the ocean. It’s watching pelicans diving for food. It’s barking at cows and baying at the neighbors out barbequing in their own back yard. It’s chasing birds and watching the sunset. Happiness is sitting together in the evening reading a book or watching television. You taught me that happiness and peace are so simplistic and yet sometimes very elusive. We have to be quick to see, understand, and appreciate it. Happiness exists everywhere and yet only exists for a moment in time. If it is not seen and embraced in that moment, it is lost. Some people, at their own choosing, only see the ugliness of life and dwell in suffering.

    I learned from you that to spend any amount of time dwelling in suffering, worrying, anger, and hatred only makes those entities grow. If I were to choose those beings as my “friends” then that is all I would get back in return. While we cannot avoid suffering, we can choose to accept it for a moment and understand that we have the ability to magically turn all that is negative into beauty. God gave us an enormously infinite power to withstand great pain and still see the beautiful light of the universe. If we see that light and embrace it, it will bring us peace and happiness. You had as your mission to teach me this. You were a very good teacher. I did learn all of this and will continue to learn more and continue spreading your message. The universe called you back yesterday and your infinitely beautiful spirit is now a part of indescribable peace, joy, and love.
    The one thing I have always understood and abided by is that the spirit is always of equal value regardless of the physical form it takes. The Bhagavad Gita reaffirms that truth by saying, Such (freed) souls view with equal gaze a pious priest, a cow, an elephant, a dog, and an outcast. I understood your life and the internal beauty of your spirit were always entitled to the same love and devotion others generally show only to people. And even then, people are often extraordinarily limited in their willingness to carry through with that commitment for unconditional love and to sacrifice wholly what another may need. I sacrificed nothing and what you gave me in return had no material value. You have raised me to a higher level that, alone, I never would have achieved. Words of gratitude pale in comparison to the gratefulness and honor I feel with all that I learned and what I have become. My spirit has always known who I am; you helped to open my heart to that spirit so I can simply continue this journey of higher meaning. It was Divine design that put us together. God knew I would give you all that was needed and in return, I would receive a gift that was always in front of me, but I could never see. You guided me to that gift and have helped my spirit begin acting upon the purpose that it was always meant to serve.

    So Elvis, the Titantic is still afloat and sailing along. As long as I am at the helm, it will never sink. I will never give up. You will always live in my heart and I will forever miss your physical being, but keep close the memories of our hugs, kisses, our laughter, and sometimes our sadness. What I learned from you will never be lost. And your spirit . . . . . ah, the universe is even more beautiful and so fortunate to have you.

    Namaste Elvis

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